1.1 General Assembly

General Assembly is comprised of USIMP’s “Supportive”, “Interface” and “Industry” member organizations’ representatives and members of the Advisory Board. Member organization notifies 1 principal and 1 substitute representative who shall attend USIMP meetings on behalf of itself and ensures attendance of at least one of them.  Each member organization has one voting right at the meetings.

General Assembly convenes at least twice a year with an agenda upon invitation of the Executive Council. A General Assembly Council to be ed by the General Assembly presides at the General Assembly meetings.

Organizations and individuals which are relevant to the university-industry collaboration but not a USIMP member may attend the USIMP General Assembly meetings as a supervisor upon invitation of the USIMP Executive Council. Supervisors may not vote.

1.2 Advisory Board

Real persons who are out of the USIMP member organizations’ representatives but have significant knowledge on university-industry collaboration, technology transfer may be a USIMP Advisory Board member. Individuals who have this knowledge are invited by the Executive Council to be a member of the Advisory Board.

For those planned to be invited, USIMP Executive Council sends the necessary introductory information about them to the General Assembly by e-mail. Unless majority of USIMP members express a negative opinion, “membership invitation suggestion” is considered as approved by the Platform and the required processes are fulfilled by the Executive Council.

1.3 Executive Council

USIMP Executive Council consists of nine member representatives and they one Chairman and three Deputy Chairmen among themselves. Executive Council ed among the members other than the General Assembly’s Advisory Board members takes office for a two-year period. Each member organization’s representative who shall take office in the Executive Council is determined as a result of election. For Executive Council membership, additional nine substitute members are ed in the same way. In case of any vacancy in the principal memberships, substitute members are called for duty in the order determined at the General Assembly. The Executive Council decides on the duty distribution of the Chairman and the Deputy Chairmen.       

The Executive Council convenes with an agenda on coordination of and conducting USIMP activities as often as necessary. Meetings may be held virtually by e-mail or teleconference.

1.4 Auditing Board

It consists of three members ed among those other than the General Assembly’s Executive Council and Advisory Board members. It audits annual activities and accounts of the Executive Council and submits an independent audit report to the annual General Assembly meetings.