Our Values

The mission of USIMP is to contribute to the establishment of interface institutions in the field of university-industry cooperation, to institutionalize these structures, and to improve their quality and performance by developing a national culture of cooperation; To contribute to the processes of determining policies and strategies and preparing action plans for the effective and efficient execution of technology transfer applications in order to transfer the knowledge and technologies produced in our country to the society.

In this context, USIMP acts with an understanding of social responsibility; In line with its mission, it strives to raise awareness both in our universities, in our industry, and in relevant public institutions and to contribute to studies within the limits of its possibilities.

In the processes of transforming our country from a structure that imports and uses technology to one that produces and exports technology;

- In addition to education and research activities in our universities, new technologies are produced, these technologies are encouraged to be transferred to the society and technology transfer mechanisms are developed in universities,

- Contributes to the transformation of the Industrial Sector from a technology importer and user structure to one that produces and exports technology, cooperates effectively with universities and has a high competitive power.

USIMP carries out all its activities within the framework of the following set of values.

Experience Sharing
Common sense
Learning Together
Collaboration Culture
Corporate Approach
Sustainable Strategy
Quality service
Continuous Improvement
Social Responsibility
Our working principles are grouped under four main headings.

Cooperation between UIL organizations: promoting and supporting activities; institutionalization and dissemination of cooperation
International cooperation networks: Helping to spread the culture of cooperation; active participation in cooperation activities
Quality and performance: Diversification and standardization of services; continuous improvement of service quality; supporting recognition processes
Strategies and recommendations: Creating recommendations for an effective and efficient UIL; Contributing to policy and strategy development processes

USIMP carries out all its activities with a sense of responsibility towards its stakeholders and society.


With its activities carried out within the framework of the main theme of university-industry cooperation, USIMP aims to increase cooperation between UIL organizations, to support the institutionalization and dissemination of activities, and to help spread the culture of cooperation among its stakeholders with international cooperation networks, as a platform for sharing information and experience.