USIMP's efforts for the standardization of national Technology Transfer processes and the institutionalization of capacity development efforts turn into projects beneficial to the ecosystem on a voluntary basis and for the purpose of learning together. These pros are listed below.

1 The Project of Disseminating IPR Awareness in Turkish Universities

He also took an active part in what is being carried out by the Turkish Patent Institute and the European Patent Office (EPO).

2 Izmir Development Agency İzmir Innovation Strategy Project

Izmir Regional Innovation Strategy was developed in 2012 with the cooperation of EBILTEM and TUIK Izmir Regional Directorate in order to determine the current status of Izmir in R&D and innovation, to define the aims and targets that will develop the innovation ecosystem in line with the potential of the region, and to ensure that it becomes a technology producer and exporter. has been prepared. Company data collected by using the USIMP Innovation Scorecard were analyzed in the project, and the status of businesses in Izmir in terms of R&D and innovation was evaluated.

Izmir Innovation Ecosystem 2018 Monitoring Report

3 Innopark TTO TUBITAK 1601 Project Needs Analysis and Strategy Work

INNOPARK TTO TUBITAK 1601 Project Needs Analysis and Strategy study was informed by using USIMP Innovation Scorecard and additional methodologies and a proposal was presented to the INNOPARK Board of Directors.

October 6, 2017- INNOPARK TTO TUBITAK 1601 Project Needs Analysis and Strategy Study Evaluation
May 2017 - Delivery of the INNOPARK TTO TUBITAK 1601 Project Needs Analysis and Strategy Report
April 27, 2017 – Konya INNOPARK Common Mind Meeting
April 18, 2017 - Konya INNOPARK Cooperation Meeting
April 13, 2017 – Konya INNOPARK Innovation Scorecard Application and Training
April 5-7, 2017 - Konya INNOPARK Focus Group Meetings
March - April 2017: InnoPark Needs Analysis Study: USIMP Innovation Scorecard was used in the TTO needs analysis study organized by Konya InnoPark TTO.
March 18, 2017 – Konya INNOPARK Innovation Scorecard Training, Konya: Mentor Training, the second step of the INNOPARK TTO TUBITAK 1601 Project needs Analysis and Strategy, whose tender we won, was held with the participation of 12 mentors.
March 10, 2017- Innopark Advisory Board Meeting, Konya: The meeting with the agenda, which was the first step of the INNOPARK TTO TUBITAK 1601 Project Needs Analysis and Strategy study, for which we won the tender, was moderated by taking the opinions of the Advisory Board and determining the beneficiaries.
March 2017- INNOPARK proposal submission meeting, Konya
February 27, 2017 – INNOPARK first meeting, Konya

4 Role of TTOs in Establishing Entrepreneurial Universities Project

The project, in which USIMP is the supporting institution, was supported by the British Academy Newton Fund and EU. It was carried out between 31 September 2015 and 1 October 2017 in cooperation with EBILTEM-TTO and Southampton University. Numerous seminars and information days, primarily innovation and entrepreneurship, were organized within the scope of the project. In addition, 3 different survey studies were conducted for the universities in Turkey, namely the Rector, TTO Director and TTO specialist, and data were collected.

5 Effects and Contributions of Universities to Regional Development; New Methods and Approaches Project
Within the scope of TUBITAK 2223-D Collaboration and Event Organizing Program on Priority Areas, an application has been made from the United Kingdom with the collaborations of University of Lincoln, University of London, University of Southampton and University of Edinbrough. The applied project was supported by TUBITAK and a two-day workshop was held in İzmir on 16-17 March 2007. In the workshop attended by a total of 71 researchers from England and Turkey, the Council of Higher Education (YOK) organized a special session themed "Mission Differentiation and Specialization Focused on Regional Development" and shared the results of its studies.

6 Innovative Interface Structures (YAY) Platform Project

He carries out the duty of coordinator consultancy in projects with 11 partners, which are supported by Istanbul Development Agency and nine of our members are involved. The project took 18 months. It will carry out many activities to increase the capacities and competencies of the interface structures in order to provide "need-oriented" services with user-oriented approaches, and it is expected to turn into a sustainable learning environment after the project.

In this context, although USIMP is not a direct stakeholder of the project, support was given between 2018-2019 within the scope of the YAY project, since 11 stakeholders were members of USIMP.

Within the scope of Innovative Interface Structures (YAY) Platform Project; The Project, which was designed by USIMP within the scope of Istanbul Development Agency Innovative Creative Istanbul Financial Support Program and carried out with USIMP Members, served to institutionalize the capacity development efforts of USIMP for the standardization of national Technology Transfer processes. Marmara University Innovation and 

Under the direction of Technology Transfer Application and Research Center (MITTO), our members Sabancı, Özyeğin, Okan, Istanbul Kultur and Istanbul Arel universities, Istanbul Technopark, University Industry Cooperation Centers Platform (USIMP), Anatolian Side Organized Industrial Zone, SUNUM (Ministry of Development, Advanced Research Infrastructure) ), VSY Biotechnology and Atabay Pharmaceutical Industry R&D Centers.

The fact that the project consists of "stakeholders who come together with the aim of learning on the basis of volunteering" and that it has adopted the principle of "user-oriented capacity building" will allow it to be structured and gradually expanded as a sustainable cooperation network in the future.

Workshops within the scope of YAY Project

February 6, 2019 - National Stakeholder Expectation Workshop: At the meeting held at Ozyegin University with the participation of 33 people within the scope of the YAY Project, the stakeholders in the ecosystem; The issues of determining the expectations from the interface structures at the national level, determining the priority areas and bottlenecks, making the expectations workshop evaluations, and creating solution steps were discussed.
February 20, 2019 - Regional Stakeholder Expectation Workshop: At the meeting held in Istanbul Anatolian Side OIZ with the participation of 42 people; Work was carried out on the agenda items to determine the expectations from the interface structures at the regional level, to identify the priority areas and bottlenecks, to share the results of the stakeholder surveys, and to establish solution steps.
28-29 March 2019 - International Stakeholder Expectation Workshop: At the meeting held at Marmara University with the participation of 39 people; contributions of interface institutions in international ecosystems to the R&D and innovation system, expectations from interface structures on a global scale, international best practices / success stories were evaluated. International guests of the workshop; Cengiz Tarhan, former director of UCLB, Michel Morant, CEO of the University-Industry Liaison Office of the University of Liege, Kevin Cullen, Vice President of King Abdullah University Innovation and Economic Development KAUST.
May 9-10, 2019 - International Trends Workshop: It was held at Sabancı University SUNUM with the participation of 32 people with the theme of "Measuring the Impact of Interfaces and Developing Tools for Capacity Building". During the workshop, the issues of defining performance measurement criteria and strategic targets for interface structures were discussed. International guests of the workshop; Cengiz Tarhan, former UCLB director, Michel Morant, CEO of the University-Industry Liaison Office of the University of Liege, IPI Singapore director Dr. Sze became Tiam Lin.
YAY Project Activities

02 - 05 April 2019 – Marmara University MITTO strategy meeting
1 5- 19 April 2019 – Current situation analysis with Marmara University MİTTO, current situation analysis with Özyeğin University, meeting with İmak Makine and Ege Kimya companies within the scope of YAY project, strategy mentor training coordination with Mehmet Onarcan and Doğan Taşkent
July 25, 2019 - YAY Platform Senior Executives Meeting held at Taksim Hilton, Istanbul
12 September 2019 - Marmara University Spring Platform Strategy Meeting, Istanbul
08 - 09 October 2019 - YAY Platform Sabancı University-PRESENTATION preparatory strategy studies meeting, Istanbul
10 October 2019 - Marmara University Spring Platform Strategy Meeting, Istanbul
11 October 2019 - YAY Platform Istanbul Anatolian Side Organized Industrial Zone strategy studies meeting
02 October 2020- YAY Platform Dissemination Meeting, on-line
23 October 2020- YAY Platform Closing Meeting, on-line
Surveys and Self-Assessment

Within the scope of the project, as a result of the Stakeholder Questionnaires filled in by the internal stakeholders of the institutions as partners and associates, individual stakeholder expectation reports were prepared for each institution under the headings of corporate structure, awareness & effective communication, project-based competence, sectoral and inter-institutional cooperation, patent and invention commercialization and entrepreneurship. shared.

"USIMP Interface Self-Assessment Tool" and "Current Situation Analysis Tool", which were developed to help Interface organizations, especially TTOs, evaluate their competencies and identify their shortcomings for capacity development studies, were piloted to stakeholders within the scope of YAY Project.

As the concrete output of the YAY Project, an "IAYOSB Information Transfer Office" was established and implemented in the Istanbul Anatolian Side Organized Industrial Zone as the first example in Turkey.

Expansion/sustainability studies were carried out with the participation of 15 new members of the YAY Platform in Istanbul.

(Bahçeşehir University TTO, Istanbul Aydın University TTO, Kadir Has University TTO, Maltepe University TTO, Piri Reis University TTO, Yeditepe University TTO, Bilgi University TTO, Koç TTO, Istanbul Technical University ITUNOVA, Istanbul University TTO, Medipol University TTO, Beykent University TT

He, Acibadem University TTO, Işık University TTO, Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Project and Technology Office)

7 TUBITAK 1004 “Integrated Functionally Scalable Nanostructures and Nanosystems” Social Impact Project

Under the leadership of SUNUM, the "Integrated Functional Scalable Nanostructures and Nanosystems" Social Impact project supported in 2021 within the scope of TUBITAK 1004 program, R&D and Technology Cooperation Network (NANOSIS Platform), which brought together 24 institutions/organizations and 106 researchers, took part in 15 research programs in 5 different research programs. arising from the project. The main objective of the projects, which is the main output; It is the development of sensors based on nanomaterials that can be miniaturized, easy to use, robust, suitable for industrial processes, with varying sensitivity levels and low cost.